Bloomingdale-Riverview Kids Can Get Free Math Homework Help

The Hillsborough County School District produces a homework help television program weekly.

Kids who find themselves stumped with their math homework have a place to turn to, thanks to Hillsborough County Public Schools.

Those with questions about algebra, geometry and more can tune into the Math Homework Hotline television program. The live program has a call bank staffed by school district teachers and tutors that stand by every Thursday night to assist students struggling with math problems.

Produced by the district, the weekly show is targeted to middle school students, but can also provide high school kids a hand up when they need it, said Karin Davis-Thompson, the district’s internal communications manager.

How much of a problem is math for Hillsborough students?

“We have no shortage of calls most Thursday nights,” Davis-Thompson said. The average is about 27.

Most calls to the program come in from kids in the county, but the district’s tutors don’t mind answering questions from stumped students who reside outside the Hillsborough boundary lines either.

“We’re pretty sure we’ve gotten calls outside the county,” Davis-Thompson said. “We’re not going to tell a kid who needs help we’re not going to help them.”

The Math Homework Hotline airs on the Education Channel on Bright House Channel 614 and Verizon Channel 32 every Thursday from 6 to 7 p.m., except holidays. The phone lines open up at 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays and help is available by calling 813-840-7260.

Past shows also are available for viewing on the district’s YouTube channel. The show has aired for about five years.

















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