Bloomingdale High Principal Heads to Armwood, New Principal to be Appointed

Mark West has become principal of Armwood High School. He successor is yet to be named.

Prior to heading off for their winter holiday, Bloomingdale High School students bid farewell to their principal, Mark West, who has taken over as principal of Armwood High School.

West's successor is expected to be named by the Hillsborough County School Board in January.

West is the 25-year-old school's third principal, following Charley Harris and B.J. Stelter.

West was the school's physics and chemistry teacher when the school first opened in 1987. He continued teaching at Bloomingdale until 1992 when he was transferred to Middleton Middle school as a department head and later as assistant principal.

He went on to serve as principal of Turkey Creek Middle School before returning to Bloomingdale in 2005 as principal.


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