Blog Spotlight: Paula Drennan on Homeschooling Misconceptions

Blogger Paula Drennan started homeschooling two years ago, which is also the time she let go of her preconceived misconceptions of what the effort entailed.


Before she started homeschooling in her own home, Paula Drennan held on to a host of "misperceptions," which she said included that homeschooled kids "were les socialized and unable to function in society" and that they didn't "get to do all the fun stuff that their peers 'at school' did."

"I must admit that before I started homeschooling two years ago, I totally couldn't relate and held onto some these perceptions regarding homeschooling," Drennan wrote in a Bloomingdale-Patch blog report posted this month.

Drennan said she learned, too, that is not "a uniform approach to homeschooling,nor "one set 'type' of family that chooses to do so. And the fact that she wasn't a "teacher" didn't stand in her way, either.

"After all, who taught my child how to tie his shoes, say the alphabet, to use the potty, to spell his name, etc?" she asked. "The answer is, me and my hubby."

"I can't give  up the teaching role just because he may go to a formal school, because once he comes home, the teaching continues with values, morals, expectations, and so on," Drennan said.

Aiming to do her "best to shed light and explain why we homeschool to others" is the mission behind Drennan's latest blog.


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