What are Bloomingdale and Riverview Saying About Gun Control?

As America continues to reel in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., slayings we asked Bloomingdale and Riverview residents to weigh in about proposed gun control legislation.

As people across the country talk about tightening gun control legislation in the aftermath of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., Bloomingdale and Riverview residents have their own opinions on the topic.

When Patch asked people across Tampa Bay what they thought about banning assault weapons, here’s what New Port Richey Patch readers and Facebook fans had to say:

There are over 200 million guns in the hands of over 89 million law biding citizens in the United States . Your so called gun bans are a pipe dream . The 1994 gun ban was one of the largest jokes ever perpetrated on the American public. It really didn't ban anything because they knew enforcement was impossible. Just the truth ! and by the way the second Amendment has nothing to do with Sporting Use. What was a legitimate sporting use in 1789 ?

- John Q. Public, Bloomingdale Patch Reader

When are we going to stop blaming everything else but the real issue. Guns dont kill people. People kill people. The gun is not to blame, Adam Lanza is to blame. This is the same as saying ice creme made me fat so we need to ban ice creme. No i need to be responsible MYSELF and put the spoon down. We have become a society of blame everything else but the real issue. If he could not find a gun he would of gone to home depot to aisle 7 and 12 and concocted some improvised explosive device to build a bomb. Oklahoma city was blown up with fertilizer and diesel fuel. Dont hear anyone screaming that we dont need fertilizer and diesel fuel. We lost thousands of people in NY to airplanes crashing in to a building but yet each day we get on planes. Drugs are illegal and yet everyday criminals get there hands on them. What makes you think they wont get there hands on guns when they want them? Do we need assault rifles i am not one to say, do i have a problem with my neighbor owning one ABSOLUTELY NOT. If we limit gun to 10 rds in a magazine all we are doing is helping manufacture sell more magazines because a 30 rd clip or 3 10rd clips equals 30 rds. Are we really thinking making them reload 3 times as compared to not having to reload is really going to change their intent? Man i am going to walk in to this school and shoot kids but i have to reload no never mind i wont do it then, REALLY!!!!!!! GET REAL PEOPLE. Blame the shooter not the gun. DUI Blame the driver not the alcohol

-Chris, Bloomingdale Patch Reader

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