What’s Going On With the Boyette Road-Widening Project?

Hillsborough County officials give a 2013 update on the $23.2-milion project to widen Boyette Road. A review of ongoing, completed and upcoming work as the project advances toward a 2014 completion date.


You don't have to tell commuters on Boyette, Bell Shoals and McMullen roads that things are messy for the morning and afternoon commutes. And, for that matter, the times in between.

Hillsborough County officials gave a 2013 update on the progress of the $23.2-million project to widen Boyette Road from McMullen Road to Bell Shoals Road, which is considered the final phase of the three-phase project.

Earlier phases widened Boyette Road from U.S. Highway 301 to Balm Riverview Road (completed July 2004) and from Balm Riverview Road to McMullen Road (completed May 2009).

The third phase of widening, which began in August 2010 and covers about 2.6 miles, is expected to be completed by the spring of 2014, which would by then amount to about 1,280 days of construction.

Why 1,280 days? According to the update, it's the amount of time needed to complete:

  • Maintenance of traffic and traffic phasing;
  • Significant utility relocation work underground; and
  • Removal and construction of the bridge at Bell Creek;

The time also allows consideration of "unforseen circumstances" and to address major concerns, including school traffic, limited construction right-of-way and "coordination with local businesses and various homeowners associations."

"During the construction there have been many challenges to include the resolution of various utility conflicts, bridge redesign, plan revisions due to constructability issues, wetland-area and high- water-table issues due to unforseen weather impacts and unforseen soil conditions," according to the county update report.

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What have been your commuting and travel challenges during this latest, and final, phase of Boyette Road widening construction? How have you adapted? Have you changed your commuting times? What are your views and observations? Let us know in the comment box below.


Recent Phase 3 Boyette Road Widening Work

  • Forcemain removal work on the north side, from Donneymoor Drive toward the bridge.
  • Storm pipe installation on the north side of Boyette Road.
  • Triple-barrel repair work on the north side of East Tarragon.
  • Intersection work at Bell Shoals and Boyette roads, including forecmain installation and paving.
  • Traffic switch at Bell Shoals and Boyette roads.


Ongoing Boyette Road Widening Work

  • Stabilization, base, asphalt, concrete work on the south side, from Donneymoor Drive east to the bridge.
  • Bridge work continued on the north side (expect this work to be completed within the next four to five months, as noted in the January update).
  • Storm-pipe work on the north side of Donneymoor Drive east to Sedgebrook.
  • Interconnection for the proposed traffic signals through the project's boundaries.
  • Sidewalk and sod installation on the north side of Donneymoor Drive to the bridge.


Upcoming Boyette Road Widening Work

  • Signalization work within the next two months, according to the January update report. Also:
  • Work will begin on the south side of the bridge within the next five to six months.
  • Removing the forcemain within the intersection of Boyette and Bell Shoals roads will begin within the next two months.
  • Reconstruction of the roadway south and north of the intersection of Boyette and Bell Shoals roads will being within the next four to five months.
  • Ongoing work to complete the excavation and sodding of ponds.





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