U.S. Congressman Speaks Out on Immigration Reform

In his first Patch blog, Rep. Dennis Ross tackles the immigration issue, advocating a multiple approach to reforming the system.

Immigration is an emotionally charged issue, noted U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross in his blog, Immigration: The Compassionate and Justice-Oriented Way Forward.

"There are countless heart-wrenching personal stories involving immigration. Many of us have read about families who have been torn apart or we know people who are affected, " said Ross. "Our immigration system has failed these people.

But the answer isn't blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants.

"People have made a choice," said Ross. "We can't just wipe the slate clean, especially when there are many people in other countries who have been following our laws and requirements and have been waiting as long as 20 years in some cases to enter the United States legally."

Instead, Ross advocates a multi-pronged approach to immigration reform, "including visas, guest worker programs, an E-Verify system and border security."

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Ross, R-Lakeland, represents the 15th U.S Congressional District, which includes New Tampa, Temple Terrace and the Brandon/Valrico area.

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