Turnout Light at Bloomingdale Library

There are no lines at the library. Voters say they've been able to walk in and vote immediately.

In stark contrast to Saturday, the last day for early voting, when lines of voters stretched down Bloomingdale Avenue, turnout at the Bloomingdale Regional Library has been light today. 

George Neimann, campaigning in the parking lot for county commission candidate Mark Nash, said voters have been trickling into the library since 7 a.m. when polls opened. 

"I'm really surprised," said Neimann. "I thought it would be very heavy here with lines out the door. But one husband and wife came out and told me they were the only two people in there voting."

Neimann, an independent, said he voted by mail on Saturday. He also delivered Vote By Mail ballots for two friends who are hospitalized. 

"They didn't want to miss out on voting and I didn't mind going out of my way to help them."


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