Garbage Collection Changes Coming Next Fall

The Hillsborough County Commission has decided to change the way it handles trash collection.

Following a series of public meetings designed to get the Hillsborough County Commission has selected a new option for its residential garbage customers.

The “Automated 2-1-1 Garbage Collection” option was unanimously selected Jan. 10 by county commissioners. The plan continues the twice-weekly garbage collection that residents are accustomed to and also offers once-weekly recyclable collection and yard waste collection.

What’s different from the county’s old garbage service is the method in which trash and recyclables will be picked up and the overall cost to taxpayers.

Under the new system, garbage and recyclables will be delivered to the curb by customers using special wheeled bins the county will provide. Specially designed trucks will pick up those bins, removing the need for manual collection.

The changes go into effect in October.

The History Behind the Change

The county began exploring new options for handling its trash last year. The county’s current garbage collection contracts expire Sept. 30.

Four options were explored to replace the current method of manual collection and a number of public hearings were held to gain resident input.

Each of the four options looked at ultimately saved Hillsborough County and its customers money, but the 2-1-1 Automated Service selection was the crowd favorite.

It is anticipated to save the county $7.5 million a year, which is a 22 percent reduction over what is currently paid.

The commission is expected to award bids for the new service during its Jan. 24 meeting.

What do you think of the county's decision? This it was the right choice? Share your opinions in the comments section.

Jackie January 20, 2013 at 10:50 PM
I suppose that means more people lose their jobs, that machines will take over? At what point do we think about the hard working people that need a way to feed their families. Also if it does not fit in the bin, I guess it does not get picked up? Please explain these things to me on how they make sense to help the customer and the men out of work.


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