Florida Delegates Face More Bus Problems

They’ll have to make a 15-minute hike to the convention tomorrow.

First they were from Palm Harbor’s Innisbrook Resort to the Republican National Convention in downtown Tampa.

Then they were stuck on a bus for hours following the convention Tuesday night – not making it back to the resort until after 3 a.m. Wednesday, according to TBO.

Now, Florida’s Republican delegation is facing a 15-minute hike from the security perimeter to the convention as officials try to straighten out the transportation problems facing the state’s top GOPers.

"The (Republican National Committee) needs to fix this bus problem … We need to take care of our delegates," TBO quoted Adam Putnam, Florida’s agriculture commissioner as saying. “It was a complete breakdown.”

According to TBO, the Republican Party of Florida is stepping in to remedy the problem. It will be using its own bus system to transport Florida delegates to and from the convention. The Florida GOP buses, however, don’t have security clearance. That means delegates and guests will have to walk from the perimeter to the convention, TBO said.

Do you think the Florida Delegation’s transportation woes are just a glitch? Do you think something else is going on? What do you think about Florida's delegates having to walk to the event? Let us know in the comments section.

92635954 September 03, 2012 at 12:34 AM
R Money, a/k/a the Mormon Messiah; Lyin Ryan, a/k/a Eddie Munster, Queen Ann R Money, a/k/a Shirtwaist Housewife from the 50's; Clint "Make my Depends" Eastwood and the usual cast of republicants.
Diane Carlstrom September 03, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Keep in mind, FL delegates were not the only ones to get scr...uh, messed with. Some had credentials revoked, others were blocked and then there was Boehner in his scripted moment of taking a vote saying the 'yays' had it. There is video of his teleprompter telling him so, I didn't pull that out of my hat. It's very clear the party is disintegrating into several factions, Tea Party, Neo Cons and those few brave souls that dare to try to tread the center. No doubt there will be mess ups this week in Charlotte- what big event doesn't have a few? People are disgusted, but what can ya do? It would really help if folks spent a little time doing real research, watching what really happens rather than following the sound bites. The $ is on the sound bites, btw. Ever wonder why we haven't had a viable 3rd party since Perot? Why do the once lauded 'grass roots' groups get obviously ignored? George Romney warned Barry Goldwater and the GOP against extremism. I bet he is spinning today. http://www.bostonglobe.com/news/nation/2012/08/25/views-political-evolution-mitt-romney-day-that-george-romney-declared-his-candidacy-for-governor-mitt-was-there-absorbing-his-father/A9eYm7uWdzyeyawGLBu3LL/story.html
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