FishHawk Couple: Where's All the RNC Excitement?

Tessa and Scott Fullerton came to downtown Tampa on Thursday to check out the Republican National Convention only to find not much going on — although they did make a TV cameo.

Tessa and Scott Fullerton may be Republicans, but they still would have come to downtown Tampa on Thursday if it was the Democrats who were holding their national convention here.

"But I wouldn't have bought a bracelet," said Tessa, holding up a string of Hawaiian Kukui nuts painted red, white and blue and with GOP logos on them.

The FishHawk Ranch couple came to Channelside in downtown Tampa to check out the last day of the RNC. They said they wished there were a few more events going on, although they did get on camera in the background of a live MSNBC show filming there.

"We weren't crazy, we were just Facebooking, 'look now, we're on TV!' " Tessa said.

Scott, who works in private equity, said they didn't encounter much traffic on the way in on the Selmon Expressway, didn't see many protesters and really haven't been able to take part in the convention happenings.

"It's kind of exciting that the convention's in Tampa, but it would have been nice if you could sit and actually watch things going on," he said.

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Robert Sands August 30, 2012 at 05:24 PM
Just goes to show how much of the "excitement" is media made.


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