County To Consider Posting Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Warning Signs

Any establishment that sells alcohol would be required to post the sign.

More than 20 years ago, the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners adopted what was called the "Hillsborough County Alcoholic Beverage Public Awareness Ordinance," which required all establishments that serve alcoholic beverages to post a visible health-warning sign on the premises.

Now county officials want those signs to include more warnings, specifically about fetal alcohol syndrome.

County officials are proposing a new ordinance that would require alcohol servers modify their current signs to include wording about the risk of fetal alcohol syndrome for pregnant women who drink. The administration and enforcement of the new ordinance would be delegated to the Code Enforcement Department.

Businesses that serve alcohol, including bars, pubs, liquor stores and restaurants, would have six months after the passing of the ordinance to comply.

On Wednesday, the board will vote to set a public hearing later this month on the proposed ordinance.

What do you think? Should drinking establishments be required to include the new signs about fetal alcohol syndrome? Tell Us In The Comments.

Patch Critic October 03, 2012 at 04:49 PM
County Officials need to find something more constructive to do with their time. I read an article a few years ago about some county somewhere in another state that passed an ordinance called "Keys for Drinks". It required all establishments that served alcohol to request the keys to all consuming alcoholic beverages. It also required the establishment to put parking controls in place to block vehicles from leaving the parking lot until the establishment gave them clearance. For a patron to get clearance, they had to pass a breathalyzer test and be under the legal limit to drive. People complained but guess what? It stopped people who were drunk from entering the roadway and possibly killing themselves or someone else. Patrons in Florida are notorious for abusing alcohol then driving away intoxicated, putting everyone on the road at risk. Establishments that serve alcohol, especially in Florida, are also notorious to continue to serve someone who is obviously intoxicated because all they care about is the money. Hey county? How about you pass this ordinance? Or maybe you don't care that people's loved ones are out on the road.


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