Woman Eats Pot in Back of Cop Car

The act was caught on a Florida Highway Patrolman’s squad car camera.

Tavish Smith is accused of eating pot in the back of a cop car.
Tavish Smith is accused of eating pot in the back of a cop car.

A woman’s attempt to eat evidence in a case against her didn’t go so well thanks to a handy video camera mounted inside a Florida Highway Patrolman’s car.

Tavish Smith, 45, was already in hot water June 13 for two crashes, including a hit-and-run, when the trooper found a baggie of marijuana in her truck that had crashed into a ditch on U.S. Highway 1 in Cocoa, according to WESH.com.

The trooper placed a handcuffed Smith into the back of his patrol car and set the baggie of pot on his front seat. At this point, Smith asked the trooper to retrieve her flip-flops from her truck.

It’s what happened next that has Smith making headlines.

When the trooper left to get her shoes, Smith managed to get out of her handcuffs and grab the baggie from the front seat. She then proceeded to eat the evidence, according to WTSP.com.


It didn’t take the trooper long to realize something was amiss.

“Bags of weed don’t just go missing inside a police car,” he’s heard on the video saying to a giggling Smith. “And, I’ve got it all on video.”

While the video stands as evidence to the act, troopers also found pot crumbs on her face and hands, Local10.com reported. Troopers estimate she ate about 12 grams of marijuana before getting caught.

Smith now faces a slew of charges, including possession of marijuana and DUI. Local10 says Smith is on suspension from her job working for a Brevard County judge.


Felix C. July 07, 2014 at 02:34 PM
She had to be stoned out of her gourd , 12 grams is alot of pot, to ingest all at once.


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