Update: Girl Struck By Car on Bloomingdale Avenue Identified

She has been taken to Tampa General Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

A Guinta Middle School student was struck by a car on Bloomingdale Avenue near La Brisas Drive in Riverview, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

She has been taken to Tampa General Hospital with life-threatening injuries.


Update Posted 11:15 a.m.

The Giunta student has been identified as Andrea Bower, 13, of 3428 Buckhorn Springs Rd., Riverview. The driver of the Ford SUV in the crash has been identified as Stephanie Lynn Akins, 30, of 4922 Chatham Gate Dr., Riverview.

At the scene, Larry McKinnon, a sheriff’s spokesman, said Bower normally catches the bus to Giunta at Bloomingdale Avenue and Buckhorn Springs Road between Kings Avenue and Watson Road. This morning, however, she missed the bus and attempted to catch it when it looped back west on Bloomingdale to pick up students at Bloomingdale and La Brisas Drive.

Bower was struck at 8:31 a.m as she crossing the center westbound lane of Bloomingdale. She was then dragged 20 feet, McKinnon said. Akins reportedly attempted to brake but could not do so in time.

Akins had two of her small children in the car and is fully cooperating. She has submitted to a voluntary blood draw. Speed or alcohol does not appear to be a factor.

There were several kids at the bus stop waiting to get picked up who witnessed the crash. School officials immediately responded to the scene and will be working with those students as well as other students at Giunta Middle School.

The parents of the girl and school officials have been notified. Traffic homicide investigators are on the scene and will be heading up the

The sheriff's office warns that traffic in this area could be tied up for several hours while the crash is investigated.

"Traffic in the area is extremely congested. Both lanes are down to one lane in each direction," said sheriff's spokesman Larry McKinnon. "Motorists should avoid the area and take an alternate route."

Jery Elliott November 16, 2012 at 08:59 PM
I hope the student pulls through and recovers well ... and I hope the women who struck her also recovers. From what we know so far no laws were broken on her end. . That being said ... this was a tragic and completely avoidable accident. How so? I am willing to bet that the student regularly either sees other people dashing across the 5 lanes of Bloomingdale Avenue or does so herself. I am willing that her parents do it all the time and don't give a moments thought to the poor example they are setting for their child. The entire stretch of Bloomingdale (from Lithia Pinecrest to 301) is like a giant game of frogger. . I drive this stretch regularly and see idiots dashing and running and scuttling across. The worst is when I see parents pushing baby carriages or dragging their small children along as they literally run for their lives. What do these kids learn? They learn that it's O.K. to run into traffic. They learn that cars will stop ... that everyone will see them and that it is "safe". Mommy and Daddy and my big siblings do it ... so why can't I? . It's not as though there are not plenty of places to cross in relative safety. Every major intersection has crosswalks and stop lights. But ... no ... idiots with a death wish and children who have learned by (bad) example that they should not have to spare a few minutes to walk to the corner and push a button routinely push their luck. And this is the tragic result.


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