Family of Bloomingdale Library Rape Survivor Sues Attacker's Family

Lawsuit says Kendrick Morris' mother and grandmother allowed him to regularly violate his court-ordered curfew, including the night of the library attack four years ago, TBO.com reports.

The family of a woman who was beaten and raped outside the four years ago is suing her attacker's family, TBO.com reports.

The rape survivor, whose identity has been withheld by the media, was an 18-year-old East Bay High student at the time. She was left unable to eat, walk or speak, although she .

Her attacker, Kendrick Morris, then a student, is for that attack and a previous assault on a day care worker.

In a lawsuit filed April 23 in Hillsborough County, Morris' mother, Lisa Stevens, and his grandmother, Lucina Stevens, are named as defendants, TBO reports. The suit claims Morris had a juvenile arrest record and a history of violent behavior before the April 2008 attack, yet his mother and grandmother regularly allowed him to violate his mandated curfew, including the night of the library attack.

TBO could not reach Lisa Stevens or Lucina Stevens for comment.

The rape survivor's family last fall sued the companies that designed and built the library.

Carl Johannssen April 28, 2012 at 08:33 AM
Bloomingdale Library builder is being sued????????????????????????????????? what in the hell is wrong with this family.This company is responsible in some way for this low life sicko Kendrick Morris????????????? I have been so upset with what took place that day to this girl;but stop blaming the world for this is not the answer to your grief.................This Kendrick Morris is the the one who attacked this precious daughter of yours..This is getting way out of control now.
Fellow Neighbor May 12, 2012 at 04:20 PM
This is a terrible event and justice will prevail...but you can't continue to burden the system with lawsuits regarding every little happenstance of that night...sue the landscape company because of where the trees are? Sue the maker of the car she was driving for not having automatic GPS police alert? Sue the road dept for where the parking lot lines were? It can go on and on.....
kim byard July 10, 2012 at 09:22 PM
i think this distraught family is looking for a way to pay all the medical bills / home health bills and are trying to find a way to pay for rehibilitation . why does this great country not have a system in place to care for the victims? we will be paying for Kendrick for the rest of his life..please try not to be mad at them they are just trying to cope
Sheila December 30, 2012 at 01:59 PM
I agree with Kim. The family needs money to try and help their daughter. As a Mother I would do whatever it takes to accomplish this. We never know what we'll do in a terrible situation, but yes, I would also sue the car company, as well as my insurance company, and whoever else to get the money. This girl deserves it. Instead of being mad at the family for their desperate actions, why don't you donate money? Why doesn't the city, the car company, and whoever else give this family a few thousand? The city and car company can surely afford to, simply out of sympathy and helping a fellow human who was actually a productive member of society and could possibly have done great things to help all of us one day.


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