Socializing With My Dogs

I posted that Kaiah was at the House of Beer without me, and someone else said they saw her at Rosie's!

If you live in Dunedin, you have found out that there is a big uproar about someone complaining to the Health Department about dogs being inside the bar at Rosie's Tavern.

Being from Indiana originally, I was in awe at how many dog-friendly places there were in Floirda, espcecially Dunedin.

As I walked around, I saw dogs everywhere, and it made me smile. I joined the pet rescue group, and found even more places that allow dogs inside, such as Rosie's Tavern, Dunedin House of Beer, and now Bauser's.

There are many others that allow dogs on the patio; Skips, The Living Room, Eddies Tavern, Jollimons, Dunedin Brewery, Broadway Deli, Sterling Wines, The Boxcar, and the ice cream place. That is almost the whole downtown!

When I take Kaiah and Grayson on a walk, they know the route and the routine. We walk down to Skip's, they get a drink of water and if Karen is out they get a treat. When then move down to the ice cream shop and they get their "doggie cone" (a small cone with vanilla ice cream, and a doggie treat on top), we then go to Rosie's or House of Beer.

It has been so good for me and the furry babies. This kind of activity has made it so Kaiah and I feel like we have lived here forever and are not "transplants" from Indiana. It is so much that way that one night I had to work late, and my friends went to let Kaiah out (this is before Grayson). They decided to take her with them.

When I called to see how she was, they said she was fine she was at the House of Beer. I posted this on Facebook, that I was at work and my dog was there. My friend then commented, "Really? I saw her at Rosie's." So it became a joke that my dog was bar hopping without me. The point is, we have been to these places so often, and people got to know us and her, that they knew her even when I was not with her.

I know some people do not like dogs, or dogs in establishments, but that is part of the charm of Dunedin, Florida. I am hoping that opposition to allowing pets in establishments passes. I hope that the business owner who complained also sees dogs and their two-legged companions visiting as a benefit.

If I could not take my dogs with me everywhere, I would not go out as much. I would not think about going into new places. I would just walk by.

I hope to hear from readers. Do you take your dog with you on outings? Where do you go?


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