Orphaned and Sick, Pup Gets a Second Chance

An animal lover steps forward to save a dog suffering from scabies and about to be euthanized.

An animal lover steps forward to save a dog suffering from scabies and about to be euthanized.
It all started with a plea from Pasco County Animal Shelter. Please help this sweet girl; she is going to be put down. She has a severe skin condition and needs care.
The next step was a post put out on Facebook by the rescue, for a foster. Within ONE MINUTE an angel named Christine replied.

Christine owns Pupperazi Pet Spa and had never fostered for the rescue before, but wanted so bad to help this poor baby.  She said, “In the picture, she was scared, small, and covered in wounds and blood. The picture and situation made me cry and I emailed saying that I would take her and get her well.”

What is even more amazing is that Christine has seven rescue dogs of her own, and she felt helping this girl was something she needed to do.

Christine not only offered to foster Bindi, but she drove 20 miles to pick her up at the shelter, took her another 15 miles to the vet for an emergency visit, drove to get the meds needed for the treatment, went to her shop to get supplies, and then headed back to her home.

One hundred miles and nine hours later, Christine was ready to start the care, and put Bindi in her isolation room.

Bindi was very affectionate and so sweet even though she was covered in black, crusty scabs; parts of her tail were hairless, raw, and bloody.  

Christine kept Bindi in her lap, because she knew others at the vet would be leery because of her appearance.  When Dr. Katherine Murphy of Animal and Bird Hospital saw her, she asked Christine not to handle her too much as she suspected scabies. Dr. Murphy stated that this was the worst case of scabies she had seen. This poor little girl was in a cage at the shelter with scabies and scared to death. 

Christine has taken Bindi home, medicated her, cleaned her up and loved her. She went back for her two-week checkup to find out she has Demodex Mange, so her medicines have been changed.

With all of the care that Bindi has been given, she is now healing and has a safe place to stay.  She spends most of her time napping in her x-pen. Bindi has only had one accident in the house. What a great girl for everything she has gone through. After all, she is so young; she lost a baby tooth the other day!

What a life, at such a young age: neglect so bad that she has scabies, caged, and almost put to death.

The rescue community has been wonderful in supporting Bindi with donations!  This is definitely one lucky girl, and once she is healed, she will make someone a wonderful addition to their home!

An extra special thanks to Christine from Pupperazi Pet Spa, 3436 Tampa Road, Palm Harbor, FL 34684; (727) 478-1249. She is truly an angel.
If you would like to make a donation to help out Bindi, please go to www.dunedindogs.com


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