Dog Finds a Home Through Splints, Casts and Support

Dr. Caroline Thomas and the veterinary technicians did anything they could to give this little guy a chance at a normal life.

A little dog was surrendered to Pinellas County Animal Services by his owner around the first week of March. His legs were deformed, but his spirit was not.

Luckily, the workers and volunteers saw this. 

Animal Services contacted Dr. Caroline Thomas, who specializes in orthopedics. After evaluating the dog, Dr. Thomas decided to put his legs in splints/casts for a week to try to straighten them. After a week, she would remove the casts/splints and re-evaluate him. She believed that no surgery would be required, and he was such a love that Dr. Thomas and the veterinary technicians did anything they could to give this little guy a chance at a normal life.

A friend of mine, Andrea Barlow, an Animal Services and Dunedin Doggie Rescue volunteer, offered to foster the dog until he recovered and was ready to be put up for adoption. She decided to call him Gimpy. 

Andrea said that the casts didn't slow Gimpy down one bit!

She said, “He ran around, followed me and my husband Martyn everywhere, climbed the doggie steps up to the couch, played with all the toys, including the cat toys. He didn't even know there was anything wrong with him. It was so cute to hear click click click click, the sound of him running behind us when he followed us.”

After a week, she took Gimpy to see Dr. Thomas. The splints were removed, and he walked normally! It was amazing, after just one week.

Andrea said a vet tech made an announcement to the staff on the Animal Services paging system that Gimpy was there, and they all went into the hospital to see him all better and walking around. Everyone was excited. He was doing great, and they were so happy. What a wonderful feeling they must have all had to see him walk normally!

Andrea took Gimpy home for about two weeks to make sure he was healed properly and had no issues. He continued to play and run, although he was a little wobbly for the first couple of days.

Gimpy was adopted from Animal Services by a wonderful young newlywed couple March 30. They have two dogs, and Gimpy began playing with them right away. His new adopted sister looks like a big version of him, as you can see in the photo.

Thank you so much to Animal Services, Andrea Barlow, Dr. Caroline Thomas and her staff for helping give this special boy a chance at a normal, wonderful life. Not to mention his new family, which rescued a dog!

Would you like to rescue a friend in need? See animals for adoption at Hillsborough County Animal Services or, right here in town, Dogma Pet Rescue.


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