Do You Have a Favorite Dog Park?

Don’t get me wrong, no dog park is perfect. Each one has someone or something about it that drives all of us crazy.

There are quite a few dog parks where I live. Some have trails, some are more open, some only have two sides to choose from (large and small dogs), and others have more. 

All of these things can be some reasons that a person chooses a specific dog park.

I have chosen the one I go to for a few reasons:
I like the open part versus brush that the dogs can run in. Only because I am afraid I will not be able to get Grayson out of it.
The people I have gotten to know.
The dogs that Kaiah and Grayson have gotten to be friends with and comfortable around.

Don’t get me wrong, no dog park is perfect. Each one has something or someone that drives all of us crazy. Poop Nazis (yelling out each time a dog is pooping, even if you are on your way to pick it up), drama (people talking about other dogs while not seeing the faults in their own), and people who allow their dogs to continuously “hump” other dogs while they are on the phone. Those are the “people” issues.

The dog park I go to has issues in our wet months. There is standing water that the dogs run through. This probably does not seem like a problem, except standing water is a way for dogs to get Lepto virus! There is a vaccine I chose to get this year for my two because of the dog park conditions. Even in the wet months, our dog park has an issue around the watering area. There is standing water there. From what I understand, this has been brought to our city’s attention, but without relief, unless it is by the visitors of the dog park.

It seems that the only people to keep up our dog park are those of us who go there.  We love our animals, and want nothing more than for them to have fun, but it takes more than just the people going there. The city owns the park, and it would be nice for workers to come out and take responsibility. It would not take much to fix some of these things, just a little time and materials.

Why do I still go to this particular dog park you may ask? Well, it goes back to the three reasons at the top. Most important, it is where my dogs love to go, and it is all about them! What is your dog park like?


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