An Open Letter to President Obama

I am a liberarian, but I am also a realist. I voted for Barak Obama, and this piece is what I hope he will do during his second term.

Dear President Obama:

This is an open letter to you from the American People.  We congratulate you on winning the election, and look forward to your second term as President.  You continue speak to us of hope and change, and a new dawn for America’s future.  Many of us are still waiting for these changes to begin.  We will grant you that we are living in a complicated world and our country is faced with numerous challenges. 

During your first term as President you helped our country navigate through extremely troubled waters, and we are not out of them yet.  We continue to face extremely challenging times with unemployment rates still climbing, our economy struggling on the brink of another recession with the upcoming “fiscal cliff,” and Americans continuing to struggle to keep their families going. 

Over the last four years you have enacted programs and regulations that were necessary to prevent our country from falling into a second Great Depression. You also took steps to address the growing healthcare costs, and created programs to assist those Americans who are struggling.  Further, given that our economy is consumer driven, and businesses and individuals were unable to consume as much as they used to, it was necessary for the government to intervene, and funnel aide to those areas of the economy that needed it. 

It is because of these actions that we still have a country, and are not facing the austerity measures being enacted in Greece, Spain, Italy and other countries around the world.  At the time when our nation was reeling from the devastating blows of the 2008 housing bubble, these policies and programs were necessary, and are what prevented our country and our economy, for collapsing.

While we are not yet out of the troubled waters, we have reached a point where we face a choice.  You and our government can continue down the current path of continued spending, which will increase our debt to the point where we will never be able to pay it down, or you can follow a path that begins to decrease our spending, and return control to the hands of the private sector.  You can either create an even bigger entitlement state in which everyone is dependent on the government, or you can return control to the individual and their families.  These are the choices that you face, and we the people are requesting that you be more pragmatic and use common sense in making your choices during your second term as President.

We ask that you continue the programs that offer assistance to those who truly need it, while weeding out those individuals who are abusing it.  We ask that you close down unnecessary governmental programs that simply waste our dollars.  We ask that you create a balanced budget and no longer continue to spend money that we don’t have.  We ask that you allow the producers of our society, the businessmen, to have more leeway to invest where they need to, and spend where they can, and not be taxed to death by the government.  We ask that you remember the founding principles of this nation.  We ask that you use common sense, rationality and pragmatism in guiding our country.

In closing Mr. President, we ask you to lead this country with vision, strength, moral leadership, and most of all common sense.  We also ask not forget those traditions that make our country great: individual freedom, capitalism, and personal responsibility.  These are the principles that should now guide you, and all of us, into the bright future and help us regain our strong position in the world.


                                                We the People of The United States of America

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Robert Saltzman November 16, 2012 at 03:06 PM
This was Romney's vision? Bwhahahahahahaha....Maybe I have been asleep for the last 6 months....
Lucy Schoenfeld November 16, 2012 at 04:30 PM
Please, speak for yourself, you are not "the American People" What dependency exactly. Look at an income chart from the last 20yrs, business is in no way "taxed to death"
Janice M. November 16, 2012 at 06:51 PM
I don't know whether it is arrogance or narcissism you suffer from, but you certainly have large ones to write a letter from "the American people". As for what makes this country great, nothing could be further from the truth than capitalism. Think this one over again when you are talking about the 2006 (not 2008) housing bubble and who caused it, think this one over again when you talk about the amount of people out of work bc jobs were sent overseas, think this one over again when small business people are put out of business bc large corporations and their quest for billions thanks to laissez-faire capitalism especially during the Bush years. Just please think.
Melissa J. Dallago November 17, 2012 at 01:08 AM
@ Janice. Thank you, but I suffer from neither. I'm just looking at things from my perspective, and offering my people. Did you not read my piece about Keyneian economics? I think that explains why I think capitalism is the best course. I'll give you that capitalism is not perfect, but its thanks to the capitalists that we all enjoy and live in a much better society and have a higher standard of living that we did just 100 years ago! And also Janice, please don't imply that I don't think because I can assure you that I do. I respect your opinion, and all I ask is that you please respect mine. Lets just leave it that we can agree to disagree. I'm not trying to change anyone's opinions here, just offering my thoughts.
Janice M. November 19, 2012 at 03:30 PM
Melissa, while I do disagree with your opinion, I do respect it. What I do not respect is you writing your "opinion" but signing it from the American People. As I am one of the American People, I only wish to not have your opinion solicited as mine.


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