The useful idiots must endure pain to break the spell

What happens when useful idiots wake up?

Economic pain, struggling to buy food, gas, and energy costs going sky high.  The President said it himself, "energy prices will necessarily skyrocket".  That statement was made just before the 2008 election, and we have shot ourselves in the foot once again in 2012.  Useful idiots, is a term that is used to describe a propagandist that is fighting for a cause that he/she does not fully understand.  Vladimir Lenin, spoke of these useful idiots, and he understood how important they were in creating a brain dead society, that could be controlled and led to do the tyrannical government's bidding.  The narrative we have today goes something like this; rich people have too much money, the poor and middle income families don't have enough, so we will take from those that have, and give it to everyone else.  This kind of thinking has flaws on so many levels, but for the sake of this article, we will stick with discussion of the epiphany that these useful idiots will have very soon.  We'll start with unions, and their stubborn, give us what we want or else, mentality.  Just recently, twinkies have become a victim of union greed when hostess closed up shop, due to an absence of workers due to a strike.  18,500 people lost their jobs due to these union crybabies that didn't get there way, and threw a fit.  Alot of good it did them.  My six year old is more mature than these union thugs. This is another instance, in which the redistribution philosophy is flawed.  Their view of compromise is give us what we want, and in the case of hostess, there was no way for the company to agree to the demands, so they in turn, closed the doors.  So, it was a case of cutting off their nose to spite their face.Let's now talk about useful idiots acting as consumers.  Well, just like everyone else, useful idiots like their tech gadgets, their Ipads, Nooks, Kindles, Iphones, portable MP3 players etc.  That is not to mention, household appliances, and anything else that one purchases, to aid in accomplishing daily tasks.  How many of them realize that without businesses that manufacture these items and sell them at retail stores, the items would cease to exist.  So, let's take every dollar that Apple has, and give that to everyone else in the country.  So, Apple goes belly up, no more Ipads, no more macs, Apple is dead.  The communists cheer"Hooray".  How upset is the useful idiot going to be, that his favorite toy is no more.  Well he is going to be upset, because he will turn on MSNBC and Chris Matthews will tell him that Apple went under, because "evil" republicans hate everyone, and they want to kill granny, and most of all they hate you.   The useful idiot will then channel all of the blame toward those who do not agree with him/her and start bashing capitalism and mumbling about greed, power etc.  These people that demonize capitalism, do not understand capitalism.  They are just spewing what they have been spoon fed.  Which brings us to the next problem, the media.The communist driven media, that spews hatred of those who have opposing views, is the key to keeping the useful idiots on the desired track.  Media bias is currently at a ridiculous level, and until the media gets back to reporting real news that is based on real facts, and not opinion driven crap, we will never again have an informed electorate.  But the question is, what happens to the useful idiots when they discover that they have been taken for a ride?    I don't even want to think about it, but, Greece and Italy comes to mind.The useful idiot can be compared to a drug addict.  He/She gets high on the idea of a utopia, were everyone lives in a communist wonderland, and everyone is happy all the time.  But along with that, comes the reality, that to recover from that addiction, you must first hit rock bottom.  4 more years of Barack Obama will show these useful idiots what rock bottom looks and feels like.  Apparently, college grads with an unemployment rate of over 50% and real unemployment of 14%, is not enough to knock any sense into these brain dead sheep.  Obama has no intention of "fixing" the economy.  As the fiscal crisis intensifies, It just clears the way for Barack Obama's ideology and fundamental transformation to take hold.

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