Tax increases hurt the economy

Why higher taxes are toxic to our economy

The public needs to understand that tax increases on anyone, will hurt economic growth.  I write about this often, and I hope that it sinks into some open minds that might be seeking guidance.   Tax revenue increases with tax cuts.  Now my liberal friends' heads have just exploded with that statement.  These are very basic economic concepts here, not rocket science.  You do not have to be a  economist to figure out that the more people you have working, the more you have coming in for federal income tax, and taxes in general.  Tax increases stunt job growth, because of the burden that it puts on the job creators( small business).  The President talks of helping the small business community, but at the same time, fails to realize that many small businesses have an income of over $250,000, which is the cutoff as far as the President is concerned. At this point, the ruthless taxation on those businesses begins, because Obama thinks that, "At some point, you have made enough money"  Those are his words not mine. The left would have you believe that everyone earning over a certain amount of money, is an evil greedy, born with a silver spoon in their mouth, hate the poor, takes a bath in a tub of Benjamins, person, that doesn't deserve to breathe.  They are all put in this category so that the government can pit the poor and even the middle class against this group of successful business people and innovators.The spineless house republicans are about to go along with tax increases because they are afraid not to.  So, in a republican controlled house we are letting liberal policies run the show.  The result will be, businesses laying off even more people, and increasing the prices of the goods and services that they provide to the public.   Companies raise prices and lay off workers to offset the increase in taxes.  So, who do the tax increases hurt? The middle income worker that loses their job with one of these companies, or just the average consumer when they purchase everyday items.  This is not a battle that we can lose, and not the place to compromise.  Compromise is a term used by the left that means, telling the republicans to sit down and shut up, and if you are not going to sing the praises of a communist utopia, then you do not deserve to have a place at the table.  This is why Obamacare was written behind closed doors, with no republicans allowed.  We need to stop the feel good legislation that satisfies jealous tempers that tend to flare when there is a mention of a person that has worked hard, and made themselves successful.  I am constantly putting this out there, in hopes that I reach people.  Get to know this stuff because this is the bread and butter.  If you ask one of these liberals to explain their view on rasing taxes and increased revenue, they keep shouting, "fair share" and "1%" yadda yadda yadda, but they won't offer rationale or even a simple explanation.  A liberal's vote is influenced by feeling and emotion, which doesn't exactly make them a horrible person, many are in fact good, caring and charitable people.  The down side of this emotional vunerability, is that it allows manipulation of an otherwise intelligent, reasonable person.  I don't not believe that someone is sinister, just because they disagree with me.  On the filp side, I have some liberal friends that think that I want to throw granny off of a cliff, and drink dirty water, and breathe dirty air.We need to stop partisan bickering, but that doesn't mean giving in or even compromise, it means looking at everything objectively, and using some logic rather than having knee jerk, or feel good legislation that has no rationale.  I hope common sense and every Americans' love of this country prevails.

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