Stop the blame game Mr. President

President Obama must recognize his mistakes, just as he recognizes his successes

The President wants to take credit when things go our way (i.e. Osama killing), and I have no problem with that.  Even though it was a huge risk for him and the Seals that were involved, he did what need to be done.   

On the other hand, after stating that he would not, "spike the football", he did just that.  Even at the DNC, He was still acting like a 6 year old that just won a game of tic tac toe.  But in life you can not get by with accepting and celebrating your victories, unless you also accept responsibility when you make a mistake. 

The so called "Arab Spring" that Obama touted as the spread of democracy in the middle east, has lead us to where we we are at today.  Our foreign embassies are being attacked, some raided, others burned down, and US diplomats and security forces are being killed, while many are still in danger.  The President supported the uprisings, that lead to the current state of middle east affairs.  But he now has to come out, and admit that he was wrong, and change direction.  I am not faulting the President for the past, hindsight is 20/20.  We cannot dwell on the past. 

It takes alot to admit mistakes, especially when those mistakes, have an impact on a global scale.  It requires the leadership qualities that our US Presidents have always shown in time of crisis.    Unfortunately, our current President does not have those qualities.  He has went into his "blame someone else" mode, and has detained an unknown film maker, for a you tube video that the White House, has labeled, "offensive" and "disgusting".  Even though this video has been on you tube since June, they will have us believe that these attacks started on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, because this 3 month old movie, has struck a nerve with Muslims. 

I'm currently reading through the 1st amendment, looking for the part about freedom of speech being null and void, if you happen to offend anyone.  I still can't find it.  I guess Obama should call Sony Pictures, and tell them not to release "Zero Dark Thirty"  in December, due to Islams anger over this you tube video. If a YouTube video can cause all of this violence, what would a Hollywood production, detailing the killing of Bin Laden lead to? In order to do battle with an enemy, you need to identify your enemy. 

Obama's unwillingness to state the problems that we have with radical Islam, makes one question his motivation, and more so his competence.  These extremists are taking advantage of the fact that we have a weak president that has shown poor judgement on multiple occasions, but is not willing to own up to those poor judgements.  Our country is not weak, we still have many Americans in this country that believe in the Constitution and the American Experiment. 

Mr. President, you can take credit for your successes, but with that, you must also take responsibility for you mistakes.  If you cannot do both, then you need to quietly leave Washington D.C., on January 20th of 2013.  I'll help you pack. 

Be a leader, or get lost.

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Angie Angel September 17, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Vote Boehner, Kantor and McConnell out if you really desire progress. Their anti-American obstructionist behavior should carry a penalty as they've held hurting American families hostage for the last two-years. What part of that don't Republicans understand. I'm voting for President Obama as he's done an amazing job -- yes we are better off than we were when Bush left us in one of the worst conditions in our country's history. President Obama has a plan to continue to move our great nation forward.


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