Our Constitution is on life support, President to pull the plug

Constitution on it's death bed, have we reached the point of no return?

I am deeply saddened by the results of the election, but not for the reason that would seem to be the most obvious.  It is very disturbing to see that the majority of the country now wants handouts, punishment for those that have been successful, and a President that apologizes for America, and seeks to dismantle the Constitution.  The text of the Constitution however, does not allow for this. 

Our country was founded as a Constitutional republic, when contrast with a democracy, recognizes ones god given rights, and lays out what is referred to as Natural Law.   With these rights, comes a Constitution, in which a series of restrictions on government are detailed, in order to keep government control limited, to prevent abuse of power.  Unlike a democracy, this new idea sought to protect the minority from being taken advantage of by the majority..  This prevents 51% of the country, from imposing their will on the other 49%.  However, the founders recognized, that when a society abandons these core beliefs, and ceases to understand the principles of freedom, the Constitution would be no more.   When the people are not educated, that creates a dangerous electorate, and paves the way for voters that respond at the polls with knee jerk emotional reactions, rather than logic.   This creates a society, void of reason, and vunerable to manipulation by those who thirst for power. Emotion, and the notion of charity and fairness, has been used all throughout history to manipulate and control groups of people.

We have had many of our rights taken from us over the last 100 years in the name of charity, and fairness.  They are not gone in the literal sense, given our rights' divine origins, but rather the inability to exercise said rights without feeling threatened by the government.  The idea that, in order to make things fair, you must take from those that have and produce.  This eliminates incentive for an individual to create, and innovation goes away.  If we had a government that followed and respected the Constitution, we would not be in our current fix. But, our government, and society in general,  has shown a disconnect from our founding principles, and as a result, we now have a corrupt government, only concerned with staying in their current position.

Our founding fathers did not fight for independence, and carefully sculpt our form of government into an viable alternative to tyranny, and a blueprint for individual liberty, so that this communist could walk all over congress, apologize to other countries, and defy the Constitution at every turn. Communism is defined as a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party.  Just wanted to clarify, for anyone thinking that I am using the word communist loosely, without a true understanding.

A nanny state will always suffer the same violent demise, when the money runs out and the people are cut off from their "goodies", they will burn the whole thing down.  I fear that we might be past the point of no return.  I pray that I am wrong. 

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