Democracy vs. Constitutional Republic

Very few people know the difference between Democracy, and a Republic. Here is a breakdown.

I notice that alot of people tend to misuse the word democracy when describing our country and our system of government. A Democracy is ruled by the majority. The people have the freedom to vote and to make decisions that impact their lives, and the lives of their family. The United States however, is a constitutional republic. In a republic, you choose your elected officials, but those officials are to adhere to the rules and regulations that the constitution sets forth. Not rules and regulations on people, or business, but on the government itself.

  The government should be on the end of the leash, not the American people. A republic is created, to prevent the majority from taking advantage of the minority. Right now this is being used in reverse. Attacks on religion and the American way of life have become common. We are allowing special interest groups that represent a fraction of a percent of the population, to dictate our daily lives. The constitution is under attack, by our current adminstration. An administration lead by a community organizer that formerly taught "Constitutional Law". Ironic, Isn't it?

 We have activist judges on the bench, that are making rulings based on international law, rather than constitutional law. Congress is so polarized at the moment, with the liberals wanting tax and spend, and the republicans and conservatives calling for tax cuts and spending cuts. We have been out of money for quite some time, our currency is artificial, it is an IOU. They don't label our bills "federal reserve note" for nothing. Wake up america, be vigilant, educate yourself, don't take anything for granted. The US will continue to thrive, but, every so often, we have to reach back in time to the founders of our great country, to remind us of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

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