Will Valrico's Jeremy Rosado Get Another Chance on ‘American Idol?'

Jeremy Rosado is on a press tour in the Tampa Bay area after an emotional homecoming at Tampa International Airport, where he and his family first learned contestant Jermaine Jones is off the show.


With a tweet today, Jermaine Jones told the world that his run for this season’s “American Idol” crown has come to an abrupt end.

So, what does that mean for Jeremy Rosado, a Valrico resident and Durant High grad, who was the sole contestant booted off the show last week, by judges’ choice?

Will he be asked to return?

“I don’t know,” said his mother, Wendy Ocasio, in a phone interview shortly after People magazine posted its account of the development at 10 a.m. today, March 14.

“I would hope so, it would be nice, but I don’t know how they would play it out, without making it unfair for the other contestants.”

For now, Ocasio is just deeply proud of her son and his accomplishments and is firmly committed to helping him achieve his dreams — and get over his disappointment of making it far, but not far enough.

“He’s doing better, he was devastated, as you could imagine,” Ocasio said. “He said, ‘Ma, I knew I wasn’t going to win it but I didn’t think I was going to leave that soon.’  Two days of press tours helped him a lot.”

In that regard, Ocasio noted her son’s New York appearances on the “Today” show, “Good Morning America” and “Live With Kelly."

“That has helped him a whole lot, getting over the pain and the hurt, and he’s doing great,” Ocasio said. “I didn’t know he had that many fans in New York. He couldn’t walk the street without being noticed. There were paparrazzi, there were fans, and one of them gave him a gift. It was very emotional."

As for whether the show, indeed, is over for Rosado, “Who knows,” Ocasio said. “We’ll just wait to see how it plays out."

Read more of  about her son's elimination and his homecoming.

Richard Reyes March 14, 2012 at 05:35 PM
It's a shame, that judging a contest is based on personal opinions of the judges and not professional judgement base on true talent. what makes the judges a perfect judge? I don't know of one yet, other than God. But I will say alot of true talented people have been booted out the contest based on bad judging.
sandiecarney March 14, 2012 at 05:41 PM
well he is the only contestant that has been removed since the top 13 so how could his return be unfair to other contestants? If you're going to look back at others to consider how far back would you go? How 'bout Justin Guarini he got voted off in season 1!
Maria Pafitis March 14, 2012 at 05:42 PM
Well you saw that at least 3 others made mistakes and Jeremy didn't and they kept the others and not Jeremy... I am devestated - I love this kid!
Maria Pafitis March 14, 2012 at 05:52 PM
and by the way.... I think more of America has fallen even more in love with Jeremy now... I can't wait to see him go sky high with his new career. He deserves it! I will always support him everywhere and anywhere he goes.... And Bravo Wendy, you did a wonderful job! May the Lord always keep on blessing you!
Richard Reyes March 14, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Jeremy may have lost this contest, but has won the world in Jesus name, you are reconized by millions....your a winner in my eyes, God Bless you guys
Maria Pafitis March 14, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Amen! Jesus rose to the top of the tops, and so will His followers! God bless you Richard. See you in the most glorious place!


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