PatchCast: Pole Dance Class

A Bradenton fitness center offers pole dance class.

Most fitness instructors frown upon working out in high heeled shoes, but not Brittany Rohr. Then again, Brittany Rohr is not exactly a typical fitness instructor.
“Well, you certainly don’t have to wear heels if you don’t want to,” said the owner of Inspired By Dance, a pole fitness center in Bradenton. “But they are strength building, not to mention fun. Believe it or not, the taller they are, the easier they are to walk in – and when you’re only 5 feet tall like I am, it’s nice to get some extra height!”
Inspired By Dance is a fitness center geared predominantly toward women that offers workshops in pole fitness, chair dancing, strip tease cardio, belly dancing, contortion, amateur kickboxing and more. And Rohr, 24, is the first woman to hold the title of Miss Pole Florida.

Check out today's PatchCast video to see Rohr in action and visit Bradenton Patch for a .


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