Boyette Road Work Delays Near Bell Shoals, FishHawk Intersection

Weekend motorists going to shops, parks and church will find more traffic to navigate near the intersection of Boyette and Bell Shoals roads and FishHawk Boulevard.


Drivers looking to travel near the intersection of Boyette and Bell Shoals roads and FishHawk Boulevard should allow some extra time this weekend. The section of Boyette Road that travels south of the intersection is closed while crews work on the road as part of the project to widen Boyette Road.

On Saturday morning, Feb. 23, traffic headed west on Fishhawk Boulevard was backed-up up more than usual. Some areas are reduced to one lane as well. Cars were being re-routed through the parking lots of the plaza on the southeast corner of the intersection, behind 7-Eleven. Traffic also was being detoured on the road behind Walgreens and into and out of the Boyette Springs neighborhood. 

If you're traveling to the area this weekend, be advised to allow extra time or plan an alternate route.



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What's your experience driving in the area of Boyette and Bell Shoals roads and FishHawk Boulevard? Let us know in the comment box below.



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