Valrico Candlemaker Sells Products Across Country

Donna Lombard's home business is flourishing.

Donna Lombard's goal is to light the world naturally.

The Valrico resident creates natural soy wax scented candles that she sells throughout the country on the Internet as well as in local shops.

Lombard got into candle making by accident.  "We burn a lot of candles in our home, and decided to try to make our own for family and friend," Lombard said. "figuring out a recipe by trial and error."

The home hobby led to Lombard launching a home business, NewEarth Soy Scents.

"I just received so much positive feedback that I saw a market in making a clean-burning, soy candles for an economical price" said Lombard, who began selling her candles a year ago.

These aren't typical candles, however.
"I did a lot of research on soy," Lombard said. "Palm wax is another natural ingredient used to make candles, but soy is a better choice because it's a renewable resource."

Traditional candles are made from paraffin, a derivative of petroleum, said Lombard.

"I didn't want to burn a petroleum-based candle in my home because it produces carcinogens. Plus traditional wicks are made from zinc or lead, something you don't necessarily want to burn in your home," Lombard said.

The 100 percent natural soy wax candles from NewEarth Soy Scents have no carcinogens, no toxins, produce very little soot and are biodegradable.

"A traditional paraffin candle produces a ring of black soot on the container and that soot is also in your air and furniture," she said. "This is not the case with soy candles because they are clean burning and have very little soot.

Lombard's candles burn for six to seven hours per ounce - an average 10-ounce candle will burn for approximately 60 to 70 hours.  The candles also contain essential and fragrance oils so they give off an aroma. Lombard offers about 20 different scents.

"These candles burn evenly, unlike traditional candles, which tend to burn down the middle," she said. "And soy wax has memory. The first time you burn it, you should allow it to burn to the edge of the container. The candle will remember that and burn that way each time."

Her price point is also an incentive to invest in her candles. Pricing starts as low as $4.50, and her highest-priced candle is only $16.95. A set of 15 tealights sells for $7.95.

In addition to candles in sizes ranging from 6 ounces to 26 ounces, Lombard makes her own natural bath and body products, including soy lotion, body butter, bath salts and sugar and salt scrubs.

Locally, her candles can be purchased at the Original Leena's Chocolates, soon to open at Plaza Bella on Bloomingdale Avenue; Ambiance Floral Design, Suite 2-C, 6120 Winthrop Town Centre Ave., Riverview; LW Hair Studio & Spa, 911 Lithia-Pinecrest Rd., Brandon.

Lombard also is willing to do home parties and has approached several schools about doing fundraisers using her 8-ounce candle in a tin.

For more information, visit Lombard's website at newearthsoyscents.com.


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