Techno Geeks Specialize in Customizing, Repairing Apple Products

igeeksrule.com is located in the River Hills Plaza.

They're admitted Geeks, and they're proud of it.

Austin Pennington and Bernard Davis thrive on the new technology that leaves most people scratching their heads. So, it seemed only natural to turn their mutual Geekiness into a business specializing in the latest tech gadgets.

igeeksrule.com, which opened in July at 4367 Lynx Paw Trail in Valrico, specializes in customizing and repairing iPhones, iPods, iPads, MacBooks and Androids.

While their storefront in Valrico, the only Apple repair center in the area, serves local residents, the two longtime friends also run a website offering customization and repairs around the country.

"This business just kind of fell into our laps," said Pennington. "We love Apple products, and this area didn't have any other businesses specializing in what we do. It was open territory."

The duo services any make and any model of Apple products that has physical damage. They, however, do not offer software repair.

Although they specialize fixing cracked screens within 24 hours, a big part of their business revolves around customizing iphones.

Instead of merely outfitting an iPhone with a personalized case, Pennington and Davis can actually update the iPhone housing with the customer's favorite color or pattern.

If your iPhone's speaker is on the fritz, the camera no longer works or the battery needs to be replaced, igeeksrule.com has you covered.

In fact, igeeksrule.com offers a prepaid maintenance program for $60 that will allow the customer to have damage to their Apple product repaired twice in six months.

Their store in River Hills Plaza also sells screen protectors, cases, chargers, car cassette adaptors and the retro Moshi Moshi handset.

For more information, call 813-689-2421.


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