Family Jewelry Business Maintains Sterling Reputation

JB Jewelers is a family-owned and -operated business located in Winthrop Town Centre.

All that glitters truly is gold in the abundant display cases at JB Jewelers' new home in Winthrop Town Centre.

It's here that owner Jim McGowan and his sons, Daniel and Benjamin, showcase a wide selection of custom-made jewelry, estate finds and Rolex watches in a setting where customer service is as precious as the gems they sell.

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Jim McGowan began working in the jewelry industry 32 years ago, following a stint in the Air Force. 

In that time, he worked for some of the biggest names in the business throughout the United States. However, his dream was to own and operate a family jewelry business, a dream he realized in 1999 when he opened JB Jewelers in La Viva Plaza in Brandon with a partner, whom was bought out in October of 2011.

"It took a lot of courage to walk away from a highly paid position operating a jewelry store to start your own business," said McGowan. "But I have a passion for this. It's something I really enjoy doing. It's personable and you make a lot of happy memories for your customers."

However, he said the dream wasn't complete until he convinced his two sons, Benjamin, a Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy, and Daniel, an EMT, to join him in the business.

"This was what I wanted -- to build a business I can pass on to future generations," he said.

After relocating to Winthrop Town Centre, next to Acropolis Greek Taverna, the McGowans are now serving the jewelry needs of a third generation of customers.

"We treat our clients like family," said McGowan. "As a result, we've been servings the same families for years. And now, with the new store, we have exposure to a whole new base of clients."

JB Jewelers is a full-service jewelry store offering everything from custom design work to repairs on site.

"We have a tremendous selection of inventory and, when I buy merchandise, I look for the unique," said McGowan. "A lot of our pieces are one of a kind."

Daniel McGowan specializes in jewelry repairs after working under a master jeweler for six years. His brother joined the business three years ago, handling the operations of the store.

Even McGowan's wife, Judy, plays a role in the business. And McGowan has high hopes for his 3-year-old granddaughter Jade Isabella McGowan to play a role in the family business as well.

"Our main function is to satisfy and take care of our customers," said McGowan.

They accomplish this by offering a variety of gemstones including yellow, blue and green diamonds, as well as opals, tanzanite and alexandrite, "gemstones that a lot of places don't carry."

JB Jewelers also offers jewelry by major designers as well as a large selection of pre-owned Rolex watches. (*not affiliated with Rolex USA.)

"We're also one of the largest estate jewelry buyers and liquidators in the area," said McGowan, who also offers appraisals. "There's not an inventory collection that's more unique."

At the jewelry store, clients can get everything from a custom-designed engagement ring to a vintage ruby necklace, circa 1920s.

Included in the collection is a 30-carat opal pendant surrounded by diamonds, valued at $50,000. "It's one of the rarest opals I've ever seen," said McGowan.

JB Jewelers is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Holiday hours may vary.

The store is located at 6120 Winthrop Town Centre Ave., Riverview.

For information, call 813-655-5655.


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