Bloomingdale Doctor to Offer Free Breast Cancer Counseling Oct. 24

Dr. Anita Patel of Primary Medical Care of Brandon will host an open house and breast cancer awareness event.

Women should never be deterred from having a mammogram due to expense, said Dr. Anita Patel, certified family medical physician at Primary Medical Clinic in Brandon, 153 E. Bloomingdale Ave., Brandon.

"This simple test can prevent a deadly cancer," said Patel. "And it is not that expensive to get a mammogram," even for those without insurance.

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Patel will host an open house at her medical clinic Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., during which she will provide free breast cancer counseling for women, educationl materials about breast cancer and refreshments. Patel also is offering a discounted rate for noninsured patients to receive a mammogram.

Patel said this is part of her mission is to educate and provide comprehensive, compassionate care to her patients.

"I opened this medical clinic with a strong passion to deliver the best of health care to the Brandon community," she said.

A mammogram is a breast X-ray used for early detection of breast cancer. It is recommended yearly starting at age 40. A clinical breast examination, in which a doctor or nurse examines the breast for lumps or irregularities, is recommended once every three years starting at age 20, then once a year at age 40 and up.

The typical cost for an uninsured patient ranges from $80 to $120. 

For women with insurance, mammograms usually are covered in the recommended age bracket. Some plans require no out-of-pocket expenses while others charge a copay of $10 to $35.

The American Cancer Society offers a primer on early detection of breast cancer. Only two to four of every 1,000 women who undergo a mammogram end up receiving a diagnosis of cancer.

In addition to breast cancer screenings, Patel will offer Bp screening tests to detect hypertensive heart disease, a silent killer. 

Patel was born in India and had medical training in India. She completed her residency in family medicine in 2006. Her husband is a urologist and they are the parents of two young boys.

Patel is an avid runner, enjoys cooking, dancing, music, and is a firm believer in healthy living. 

For more information, contact the office at 813-654-5331.




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