Homemade Thanksgiving Decor is Quick and Easy

Check out these creative crafts that are good for all ages.

Whether you're a superfan of the holidays or a kid who needs a creative outlet, Bloomingdale-Riverview Patch has rounded up some fun ideas that promise to bring a boost of fall vibes.

Add some holiday cheer to your home decor with one of the many craft options below.

  • Pinecone name holders are low cost and great for a holiday meal. The instructions on Craftster suggest to gather as many pinecones as desired. Then, add some glue and glitter to the tips of the pinecone before writing the names on card stock and cutting it down to fit the pinecone.  Decorate the card stock with matching glitter and glue, if desired. A spin off of this craft is using miniature pumpkins instead of pinecones. 
  • Create fall leaf coasters by tracing a fall leaf on a piece of cork board, cutting it out and then painting it the color of one of the many fall colors. Use permanent marker to recreate the leaf lines of a real leaf or leave it bare for a more simple approach. An alternative use is to cut a large leaf and use it as a hot pad during Thanksgiving dinner. 
  • According to Kaboose, to create a "give thanks display," purchase 10 one-inch wood blocks and paint them with acrylic paints in a variety of fall colors like red, orange and yellow. Grab a gold paint pen and after the blocks are dry, draw a letter on each of them so that they spell out the words "Give Thanks." Stack the blocks so that they spell out the phrase.
  • Create a votive candleholder by using a baby food jar, a paint brush, glue and stickers. Kaboose recommends decorating the jar with fall stickers before adding glue with a paintbrush for glitter to stick to. For an added effect, tie ribbon around the threading at the top of the jar. Add a votive candle to each holder and perhaps let each guest at Thanksgiving dinner take it home as a gift. 

Ehow offers a number of crafting experiences, but we picked two of our favorites:

  • Try making Thanksgiving place mats with craft foam sheets, which come in a variety of colors like fall browns, yellows and reds. Purchase as many sheets as there are spaces at your dining room table. Use a permanent marker and trace your hand on a brown foam sheet-- one for each place mat. Then, cut out the tracing before glueing it to a different colored foam sheet. From there, decorate the turkey shape with markers and add more decorations with remaining foam, like pilgrim hats, corn and husks of corn. Another option is to cut out the names of each person and glue it to the place mat.
  • A giving thanks journal can be used for holiday inspiration or even just a reminder of what you're thankful for. Just grab an unused school notebook as well as other crafting supplies around the house: stickers, magazines, ribbon, etc. Cut out words and images from the magazines to add to the cover of your new journal and use stickers and ribbons if desired. Now, fill out the notebook of what you're thankful for and why.

Sheknows Parenting offered some tips for parents during this crafty time of year. Here are two of our favorites:

  • A hand-wreath can be achieved by purchasing orange, yellow, brown and red construction paper. Then, trace one hand with a pencil before cutting it out. Four hands per sheet should fit. Depending on how large you wish the wreath to be will determine the number of hands you cut out. For a small to medium sized wreath, 18-20 is a good start. Alternate the colors of the hands and glue them together by the outside of the palms. Be sure and face the fingertips outwards from the wreath to create consistency. Add a ribbon to the top of the wreath for added flare.
  • Paper cup turkeys are always a hit. Use a paper cup that you've painted brown as the turkey's body. Turn the cup upside down before glueing leaves to one side, which will create a feathered look. Cut out two, white circles for the eyes. Draw a black dot in the middle of each, for the pupil. On the opposite side of the leaves, glue the eyes on and add a small triangle out of orange paper as the beak. Cut out two orange feet and glue it to the bottom of the upside down cup.


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