Previously Neglected Pure White Shepherd Seeks Home

Angel is very affectionate and loves kids and other dogs.

She's gorgeous now, but when Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue found Angel, she had a collar embedded in her neck and someone had hacked her fur off with a razer.

A collar becomes embedded when it's placed on a dog's neck when the dog is young and then no one bothers to loosen it as the dog matures. The too-tight collar actually becomes embedded in the dog's neck, causing open wounds and pain.

Angel is a solid white semi long-haired German shepherd with beautiful brown eyes. She's about 2 years old.

After her mistreatment, she's now slowly coming out of her shell. She would be best suited for someone who has a quiet lifestyle and not many visitors. She is not scared of people. She just cowers when she's introduced to new situations and becomes scared when she hears loud noises. Once Angel gets to know someone, she's a companion for life. 

She would be fine with other dogs. She currently lives with many dogs  at her foster home. She follows the lead of the others in her pack and enjoys playing with other dogs.

Angel is very affectionate, great with small children, housebroken, crate trained, walks extremely well on the leash, is not a barker, is spayed, up to date on her shots, microchipped and heartworm negative. Angel would be a perfect companion for a quiet home or even for first-time German shepherd adopters.

For more information, visit Heidi's Legacy.


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