Lithia Author Releases New Children's Book

"Savannah's Story" is available through Anchor Group Publishing.

Lithia author and illustrator Jodi Stone has released her newest children's book, "Savannah's Story."

Suitable for ages 4 to 8, "Savannah's Story" is about a young girl who goes on a journey within her dollhouse and finds more than she ever dreamed.

"It's a book for younger children but I think it will inspire parents as well, and hope this book and my own journey find my words being read by parents to thier kids every day," said Stone.

Stone said her own inspiration for writing comes from "my three beautiful daughters (Brooke, Alexis and Savannah) and loving, supportive husband."

She also is thrilled to have a new publisher as well, Anchor Group Publishing.

"I have had the pleasure of previously being published through Solstice, and while several of my books are still there, I've somehow already found a home in Anchor Group," said Stone. "They aren't just any publisher, but a special group that started with a dream of an author who wanted to run a different type of publsihing house...one that has traditional aspects, yet offers authors that personal touch."

Stone's writing career began when she was 22 years old and began composing poems for her husband who was deployed in the Navy.

When her first daughter turned 2 years old, she decided to write and illustrate a book about her daughter and her friends called "Glass Slippers."

Afterward, she would write and illustrate stories for each daughter's birthday.

Soon family and friends were encouraging Stone to submit her stories to publishers.

She recalls what it was like to receive her first acceptance letter.

“I have a hard time expressing in words what that day was like,” Stone said. “It was so surreal. I'd been so used to receiving rejection letters that I had to re-read the acceptance over and over again.”

Stone has now published six children’s books. She does the writing as well as the illustrations.

"Savannah's Story" is available through Amazon.

For more information, visit Stone's Facebook page.


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