How Does Tampa Bay Rank When It Comes to Health Checkups?

ZocDoc, a website to find a nearby doctor or dentist and instantly book an appointment online, gives Tampa Bay a health checkup.

With 2012 coming to a close and a healthy 2013 being top of mind, ZocDoc, a website that helps residents find a nearby doctor or dentist, decided to see how health conscious Tampa Bay residents are when compared to other cities across the country.

Based on appointments booked in 2012 via ZocDoc Tampa Bay ranked

  • #4 for most appointments booked with a dermatologist
  • #7 for most OB/GYN appointments booked
  • January was most the popular month to book an appointment
  • More than one in three ZocDoc appointments were booked outside of office hours - 38 percent of appointments
  • On average women booked 8 percent more appointments than men, but in Tampa Bay it was almost equal

Cities with most the most dermatology appointments

1. Portland

2. Fort Myers

3. Detroit

4. Tampa

5. San Francisco

6. Seattle

7. Boston

8. Austin

9. Northern New Jersey

10. Long Island

Cities with most OB/GYN appointments

1. Orlando

2. Las Vegas

3. Denver

4. Austin

5. Detroit

6. Miami

7. Tampa

8. Houston

9. Northern New Jersey

10. Washington DC

To view the full report, you can check out the ZocDoc blog here.


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