FishHawk Mermaid's Invite, Yard Sale's Cause, Alley Cat's Pesky Pests Advice

Five things to know includes job openings, what's next after Lucky Day Emporium's closing and good uses for cayenne pepper and dish soap in the vegetable garden.

"Eden Sirene," the FishHawk mermaid, in a community pool with neighborhood children.
"Eden Sirene," the FishHawk mermaid, in a community pool with neighborhood children.
Five things to know today, Aug. 28, as you go about your business in the Bloomingdale-Riverview area.

Lucky Day Emporium Closes, 'Public Appearance' Set

  • From Lucky Day Emporium — "The Lucky Day gals have been super busy, and we are very excited to announce our first public appearance since we closed our store!! We will be participating in an upcoming local event, Friends & Flea, an antique//vintage flea market scheduled for Oct 26th at Patterson's Farm, located in Valrico. We will post all the details in the next few days."

Yard Sale In Brandon

  • From Superior Residences of Brandon —  "Just a reminder that our yard sale will be on Saturday, August 31st beginning at 7:00 a.m in the Superior parking lot. We will also be selling hot dogs, drinks and lots of yummy bake goods! A big thanks to the families that have been cleaning out their closets and bringing us their treasures to sell. We still have plenty of room for more items, so anything you find around the house that you no longer need, just drop off at the facility and we will take care of the rest. All money raised from the yard sale will benefit the Alzheimer's Association 2013 Memory Walk. Thanks to everyone for helping out such an important charity that has touched the lives of so many of us...." 

Gardening Tip: Keeping Pesky Pests From Veggies

  • From Alley Cat Pest Control"Thinking of planting a garden when the weather cools off? Here are a couple of tips for keeping the pests from snacking on your veggies. (1) Cayenne Pepper — Cayenne pepper is great for keeping bugs, especially ants, away from your garden. Simply sprinkle the spicy stuff on top of the dirt in your garden. You will have to add more on a regular basis as watering will wash it away. (2) Dish Soap — A dish soap and water solution sprayed over your plants is the perfect way to keep aphids away. In a clean spray bottle mix 1 part dish soap to 10 parts water. Spray it over your plants, and the aphids will go find their lunches elsewhere. A small amount of dish soap will not harm your plants or anyone who eats them."

Job Openings 

  • From Green House Mortgage — "http://bit.ly/15eFaD4 With a lot of lender lay-offs, we're hiring. Only we're hiring, training and sustaining those to a long lasting career & opportunity. Contact me for more info."

FishHawk Mermaid Set For Another Treasure Hunt

  • From Eden Sirene - The FishHawk Mermaid —  "On Saturday morning I am announcing the date and time of the amazing treasure/scavenger hunt that the children and families that have supported Eden Sirene have seen yet!! You will want to be sure your friends and families are connected to F/B for the big announcement !! The gifts will be awesome and there will be some awesome gifts for parents too!! Stay tuned because this is how I will thank you all for you awesome support!! This is one hunt you will not want to miss...... I invite all pirates princesses sailors and mermaids!!!!! #fishhawkmermaid."


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